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Jax Airport Record-Breaking Spring

Spring break travelers and visitors to The Players Championship in Ponte Vedra Beach at TPC Sawgrass let to a record-breaking week at Jacksonville International Airport. During March 11-17, a record-breaking 85,099 passengers boarded flights, with over 100,000 bags checked. On March 17 alone, planes were almost completely (99.4%) full.

The surge in traffic was largely due to The Players Championship held from March 14-17 at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, where visitors from around the country gathered to enjoy the best in golf in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the community.

Mark VanLoh, the airport’s CEO, described the influx of travelers as "phenomenal" and highlighted the popularity of TSA PreCheck, noting that at one point, five PreCheck lanes were in operation, indicating its increasing preference among travelers.

Despite the high volume, average wait times were lower than the previous year during Ponte Vedra Beach’s main event, with an average wait of 17 minutes, including for PreCheck passengers. VanLoh credited this efficiency to the new expanded TSA checkpoint, which cost $14.71 million and opened in November 2023.

The airport saw a boost in merchandise sales related to The Players, setting a record of $107,000 at the Paradies Shop in the main terminal, along with 782 participants in the golf simulator of the famous 17th hole at Sawgrass. With The Players Championship and Duval County spring break over, VanLoh anticipates air traffic to return to normal levels.



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