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University of North Florida Unveils Fintech Programs this Fall

The University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Fl shared exciting news: starting this fall, students can enroll in new undergraduate and graduate programs focused on financial technology!

Partnering up with the College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction, the Coggin College of Business will be offering a brand-new Master of Science in Fintech. This program, which you won't find anywhere else in the region, is now open for applications.

But that's not all! The School of Computing is also introducing a fresh concentration in fintech as part of its Bachelor of Science in computing and information sciences.

Why all this focus on fintech? Well, it's because fintech is booming in Jacksonville and across Florida. As Dean Richard Buttimer puts it, the MS in Fintech is UNF's way of investing in the talent that will stay local and invest in our communities like Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl and Jacksonville Beach, Fl.

The masters program is a 30-credit hour journey that students can tackle full or part-time. The curriculum is being designed so students have ample opportunities to network and get ready for roles in top fintech companies like FIS, Deutsche Bank, and Dun & Bradstreet, all based right here in Jacksonville.



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