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Where to Buy Fishing Bait in Ponte Vedra Beach

I grew up fishing for Sun Brim in the Old Ponte Vedra lagoons. I still have an affinity for the simplicity of a cane pole with a bobber and a simple bread ball. When I learned how to hook a worm, I became a little obsessed and was waking up before school to cast a line. We lived in Marsh Landing Country Club and I'd wake my dad up in the morning by dangling the fish over the bed for him to take it off the hook -- quite the wake up call!

Fishing holds a special place in the hearts of many, evoking cherished childhood memories spent by the water's edge. And now with a little curious nature loving boy of my own, I'm eager to recreate those memories with him. With lakes and ponds in almost every Palm Valley and Ponte Vedra Beach neighborhood, there are ample places to fish! I love passing groups of kiddos in Sawgrass fishing in the ponds.

In this blog, we'll explore where to buy fishing bait in Ponte Vedra Beach and Palm Valley so you, too, can join in on the fun!

If you're searching for bait such mud minnows and shrimp in Ponte Vedra Beach/Palm Valley the two options to consider are North Guana Outpost (NGO) and Palm Valley Outdoors.

Located near the Mickler beach access on Mickler Road, NGO is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. They offer a diverse selection of frozen bait options such as shrimp, sand fleas, clams, squid, and mullet -- always call to check in! Additionally, NGO offers kayak and standup paddle board rentals, fishing charters, guided tours and lessons, making them an excellent resource for exploring the Guana River Wildlife Management Area. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and take advantage of their expertise to enhance your fishing experience. Their shop has fun local tees, sunscreen for the beach and treats, including Hyppo popsicles!

Situated under the Palm Valley Bridge at 377 S Roscoe Blvd, Palm Valley Outdoors is the go-to destination for local anglers. They offer a variety of live bait options, ensuring you have access to fresh and lively bait for your fishing adventures -- you can even catch a bread roll from the restaurant! For live bait like mud minnows and shrimp, Palm Valley Outdoors provides a range of choices to suit different fishing techniques and target species. Alongside live bait, they also offer a wide selection of frozen bait and fishing equipment, tackle, sunglasses, accessories, and expert advice to maximize your chances of a successful fishing trip on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and even catch a glimpse of their beloved rooster, Roo, strutting around!

The PVO restaurant has wonderful food with outdoor seating, indoor and outdoor bars and weekly live music. Regardless of whether or not you're down to fish, you should stop by for a meal.

You can, of course, find earth worms in your yard and keep a little container in the fridge hidden inside a brown paper bag -- exciting & outdoorsy!

I hope your next fishing adventure is exciting! Wether it's Redfish, Flounder or Trout you're looking for, get out and enjoy our beautiful waterways and all the fun they offer!

(Disclaimer! Beware of alligators and keep a glove handy to hold the fish while taking the hooks out!)



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