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Ponte Vedra Concert Hall Getting Facelift + More Seats

Great news for music lovers! Ponte Vedra Concert Hall located in the heart of Ponte Vedra Beach is set to get even better with a major expansion and upgrades, all thanks to a big grant from the St. Johns County Commission.

At a recent meeting, the commission gave the green light to a $5.4 million renovation that will boost the concert hall's seating capacity by about 25%. This decision came as a surprise since the proposal wasn't even on the agenda, but Chair Henry Dean brought it up and the commission was on board.

The concert hall, which is located close to key neighborhoods like Sawgrass and Old Ponte Vedra Beach, is expected to increase the concert hall's seating capacity from 486 to 608 seats. Alongside the expansion, they plan to revamp various areas including food and beverage spots, restrooms, staircases, elevators, and create more gathering spaces.

A portion of the grant has been allocated for the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall's "Balcony Project." Gabriel Pellicer, the general manager of the Cultural Events Division, expressed excitement about the news. He looks forward to improving the venue experience for both patrons and artists.

The grant money was originally earmarked for next year's budget, but commissioners decided to shift it to the current budget so they can start the redevelopment right away. According to Dean, this expansion will not only allow more people to enjoy concerts but also boost revenue and enhance the overall cultural experience.

The county oversees both the concert hall and the St. Augustine Amphitheater through the Cultural Events Division. They recently received a generous $8.9 million grant from the Small Business Administration to support live entertainment during the challenging times of COVID-19.

The Ponte Vedra Concert Hall is a local favorite for folks who live in Ponte Vedra Beach and these significant upgrades promise to elevate the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall for years to come.



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