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Paradise Key

Jacksonville Beach

Paradise Key is a residential community located in South Jacksonville Beach, Florida. It's a development that offers a unique blend of modern coastal living and upscale amenities just 5 blocks from the beach.

The community is known for its beautifully designed homes, many of which feature coastal-inspired architecture and luxurious finishes. The neighborhood is meticulously planned, with well-manicured streets, lush landscaping, and serene water features, creating an inviting and tranquil atmosphere.

The homes in Paradise Key range from 2000 sq. ft to over 4255 sq. ft and have 3-5 to five bedrooms. The inside of the homes boast upscale amenities. The residents at Paradise Key can enjoy parks, playgrounds, trails, and community gathering spaces. There's a strong emphasis on outdoor living, with ample green spaces and recreational areas designed to foster a sense of community and connection among neighbors.

One of the defining features of Paradise Key is its proximity to the beach where residents can easily access the pristine shores of Jacksonville Beach. This convenient location allows residents to enjoy the coastal lifestyle to the fullest, whether it's relaxing on the sand, swimming in the ocean, or engaging in water sports.

Overall, Paradise Key offers a desirable combination of luxury living, natural beauty, and convenient access to amenities, making it an attractive option for those seeking a coastal retreat in Jacksonville Beach.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is served by the Duval County School District.

School zoning can vary based on your specific address within Jacksonville Beach, as well as factors such as school capacity and boundary adjustments. It's essential to verify the zoning for any particular address directly with the school district.

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